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Product validation support

The ProfessionCert Ltd. provides testing and certification support for manufacturers to establish compliance with the current national and European requirements as early as in design stage of the product.

The test results – which demonstrate that Manufacturer product complies with national, European, international safety standards – helps the Manufacturers and Distributors qualify for various certification marks, giving access to the worldwide market.

The ProfessionCert Ltd. is using its own technical experts during implementation of audit, testing and inspection services. In case of special professional needs, itself qualifies and applies the involved experts. The certification services are carried out by DEKRA as an international certification body, in accordance with the DEKRA group procedures.

The ProfessionCert Ltd. main product testing activity areas:

  • Household and similar equipment (HOUS),
  • Lighting (LITE),
  • Electronics (IT/OFF, AV),
  • Electrical equipment for medical use (MED),
  • Switches for appliances and automatic controls for electrical household appliances (CONT),
  • Measurement, Control and Laboratory equipment (MEAS),

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