Value & Quality Award

In 2018 the Value and Quality Award was announced for the first time in which the ProfessionCert ltd as a member of the Council helped both the candidates and the Council’s work.

The winners of the new award received their diplomas and trophies on the 11th of September at a grandiose even in the Room of Upper house in the Hungarian Parliament. 51 tenders out of the 46 candidates have earned the Value & Quality Award.

The country’s economic competitiveness can only be ensured by high-quality products as Kiss Károlyné Ildikó, the Managing Director of the Value and Quality awards emphasised at the awards ceremony. The grand prize gives guidance for the consumers for their purchases and highlights the winners among other economic parties.

The staff of the ProfessionCert ltd with their decades of professional experience takes part in the conformity assessment of quality and safety. This is a diverse and challenging professional work covering a wide range of audits and tests in a wide variety of fields.

In the solemn ceremony Agnes Bálint, who is the managing director of the ProfessionCert ltd and the chairman of the jury, also gave a speech. In her speech, she emphasised that all the winning tenders are high quality and have – beyond their uniqueness – fulfilled the main evaluation criteria such as quality, safety, innovation and marketability.

The special prize of the ProfessionCert ltd was awarded to the Földi-jó Gasztró ltd for their Bake’n’Roll, chimney cake baking kit tender.